Sasan Salamzadeh
Full Stack Developer
  • Name: Sasan Salamzadeh

  • Birthday: 06 January 1989

  • Job: CEO & Founder of PBDP

  • Email:

  • Skype: Sasan.Salamzadeh

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Statistics Plugin

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Plugin provided a shortcode [COVID-19] to display Live Map and Statistics,[COVID-19-WIDGET] to display Live statistics, you can use the shortcode in posts or pages.

You can disable or enable all sections from the Settings section, Also select the country you want to display statistics on top of map.

Available ShortCodes

*  [COVID-19]


You can use darkmode in (theme-1 theme-2 theme-3 and default styles)

[COVID-19-WIDGET darkmode="true"]

with country parameter you can get and show a specific country statistics 

[COVID-19-WIDGET country="Iran" darkmode="true"]

you can set the theme of widget via theme parameter ( use 1,2,3,4,5)

[COVID-19-WIDGET country="Iran" theme="1"]

and also you can use title,label_confirmed,label_deaths,label_recovered for set this attribute for any of widgets.

[COVID-19-WIDGET country="Total" theme="2" darkmode="true" title="Global"]


  •  Live Data Shortcode
  • Listing All Countries 
  • Widget with 5 themes
  •  Live Map Shortcode
  • Historical Data Shortcode